Private Erotic Pole Dance Near Me

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Private Dance Lessons Close to You. We offer free custom quotes from private dance lessons near you, ready to teach you to dance. Private Dance Lessons Close to You. Top Rated Private Dance Lessons Around , WA. Top Pro. Charla’s Creative Dance. from reviews..Pole Dance Classes in Los Angeles by Nicole ThePole..Classy, tantalizing dances for brides, birthdays and more! Whether you are planning an extra special wedding night, an unforgettable birthday or ay anniversary treat you will love our Happy Dance private dance lessons..Class Descriptions. Starting from the ground up, by moving with your new dance partner, ‘the pole’, you will learn beginner pole, dance and floor moves that will improve your coordination and fitness both aerobically and anaerobically. whether you want a posterysis with Pilates, a private lap dance for your significant other .

Private erotic pole dance near me

Went for a private pole dancing bachelorette. All of the classes seem awesome and our instructor the owner was very professional and such a sweetheart..Pole Dance offers the very best in Private Pole Dance Parties Lessons. Here are popular All guests should come up with a “.y Name” to spice up the party. “What to Wear” Other please contact me for further details. Anticipated .

Private erotic pole dance near me – “The Ultimate Masterclass”

So What Makes This The #1 Pole Dancing Course?

1. Over 100 Videos (6 Hours), 50 Different Moves Plus Combinations, Routines & Chreography
Over 100 videos spanning over 6 hours of step-by-step instructions to a healthier, sexier, more confident you! The first 2 hours covers basic moves and rest covers advanced combinations, expert techniques and little-know tips to empower you to move and dance like a professional!

2. Fun, Engaging, Step By Step and Easy To Follow Video Instructions
Each segment breaks down, explains and drills the basic moves and an easy-to-grasp step sequence that shows how to use it. The movement starts slowly, then progresses to full speed. It covers the mechanics of basic movements, safety, demonstrates where those fundamentals will take you with variations and has a short routine at the beginning of the video.

3. Different Teachers & Dance Styles
With 3 different teachers, you’ll get to learn various routines. Pole dancing is not just about the tease. You get to work on your core, learn balance and how to control your muscles. Experience moves that work your whole body… so you can start losing those flabs! This course covers 3 routines to make this the most complete course on the market:

4. Excellent For Beginners & Advanced Dancers!
The entire course is perfect for beginners or more seasoned dancers looking for a review of technique. Every segment and move is broken down into parts with advanced combination movement at the end of each video.

5. Innovative Fast-Track Method & Award Winning Production
This high-caliber package has earned accolades for Amber’s clear and supportive teaching style, her attention to solid technique, as well as for its exceptional production quality. With the innovative fast-track method of teaching beginners and the supportive, nurturing style, this takes you from basic to advanced moves in first few hours.

7. Instant Access To Videos
You’ll get INSTANT lifetime access to all the videos in our members area with one-on-one video chat/email support with Amber. Why waste time waiting for the mail to arrive when you can get started within minutes! You also have the option to get all the videos on DVDs if you desire.

Here’s some videos you can watch as a sample. DO NOTE: The videos shown here are reduced in quality and only shows a limited segment of the tutorials in Amber’s Pole Dancing Course.

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Private erotic pole dance near me
Pole Dancing Classes

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